Nathan Daniel's Freedom Through Forgiveness not only exposes the severity of unforgiveness, but also reveals the power of God to truly set the captive free. What Pastor Daniel shares is not just theory, but reality of what has been worked out in the trenches of pastoral ministry over thirty-three-plus years. I highly recommend this book for every believer.

Dick DunganRejoice Ministries International

The ministry of healing, especially the healing of damaged emotions has often been misunderstood and sadly misapplied. In light of present reality, that most new believers today come to the church with significant wounds from the past, healing and often deliverance is vitally needed. What is also needed is wise ministry, judiciously and effectively given to ensure proper care and healing of these precious wounded souls.

In Pastor Nathan Daniel's very practical book Freedom Through Forgiveness, the knowledge of the process of healing the soul provides the understanding necessary for effective healing ministry, leading to wisdom, or the ability for God's people to live out the principles of God's word effectively with joy. More than a good read, this is a most timely and helpful work for the body of Christ.

Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., President
Vision International University--Education Network

I met Nathan and Wanda Daniel two years ago. My life has changed more in those two years than it has in the last twenty. You might be thinking: “Hogwash! Come on Tony, you are exaggerating”. No. I am not. I am a better husband, father and pastor—because of their ministry.

Tony Foglio
Senior Pastor, Sonrise Community Church, Santee, CA

I have known Nathan Daniel for over twenty years. I have watched him grow in his calling and gift to the body of Christ. Nathan has a wonderful understanding of godly principles, especially as it relates to forgiveness. He has not only helped many at the church he pastors, but he has been used of the Lord in the body of Christ, both in the U.S. as well as overseas. Nathan, in his own personal life and experience, has walked through the principles he shares. Freedom Through Forgiveness is a must read for every serious disciple of Christ.

George Runyan
City Church Ministries