Life On The Ranch

Staying at the "Shepherd‘s Heart Ranch" was a gift because it was so refreshing to just relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of the country. We had some great times reflecting, talking and seeking the Lord. As we spent our mornings warming up by the fireplace and sipping our coffee, we would just gaze out the windows at the beautiful oak trees and crisp blue skies, and just bask in the natural beauty of the country. It was so healing to just unplug from the world and connect with God and each other. The time we spent at the ranch was such a blessing!

- Youth Pastor

I have been a Christian for over 30 years, in paid Christian ministry for almost 20 and yet a persistent fear, anxiety and sense of rejection no matter how much prayer and fasting, seminars or times with counselors I had hung over me like a shroud. Only after 3 days of quiet, reading, intervention with Nathan and peaceful fun hospitality with Wanda, was God allowed the opportunity to reveal deep hurts and a sense of abandonment I felt as a premature infant in an incubator and core lies I had believed from the enemy and attributed to being from God through the church and other authorities I my life. A wonderful sense of calm seems to be replacing the anxiety and doubt. I feel clean inside.

- Christian Dad and Sunday School worker